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About Us

When Kathy Dalton started selling party supplies out of her garage in 1992, she never thought she’d one day own a chain of five stores, including the largest of its kind in the state. “When I started, my wish was to have one big store. Now, with five, I can say my wish has more than come true,” she said. “I guess it is a chain now. What’s nice is that it’s still locally owned and operated.”

In 1992, she was frustrated she couldn’t find more complete supplies for her children’s birthday parties, so she decided to do something about it. “I would deliver party supplies because I worked out of the garage. We also had a decoration service where I would set up the decorations for a party,” she said. “It was frustrating that Ocala didn’t have a party shop, so I wanted to fill that void.” After a couple of years, she opened a store in a 1,400-square-foot location on Maricamp Road.

In 2000, she moved that store to the 10,000-square-foot location at 3601 E. Silver Springs Blvd. Since then, four other locations have opened and thrived. “I look at it like a mother. I am very price conscious on what I stock. We try to offer everything from generic party supplies to more higher-end decorations. They can find anything they need instead of running around all over the place,” she said.

Phil Vitti, the company’s general manager, said she is the backbone of their success. “She’s done an amazing job, growing the company at just the right pace and is responsible for all out marketing,” Vitti said. “She’s worked hard to get to where we are at.”

Kathy, whose children are now grown, said she has a loyal group of customers. “I have women who were kids when their moms came in to buy supplies that are now mothers themselves buying things for their children,” she said. “It blows my mind.”